I can't tell you how pleased we are with this pup. She has just been a joy. Socialization of this dog has not been a problem. She has the best easy going personality and thinks everyone that comes to the ranch comes just to see her. She is most affectionate and intelligent. Kennel training and house breaking have been easy. She readily learned to speak to go in and out. She is quickly picking up basic commands. Thank you for breeding such a outstanding animal for us. We look forward to years of companionship with this wonderful girl.

Dr. M. D. Watkins 


One word "AWESOME" he is truly a great addition to our family.
Maximus has been a blessing for our family and we just adore him!  Currently, he's 3 months old and already 23/24lbs with the funniest personality.  He LOVES people/kids and is slowly getting use to being around other dogs when we are out on our daily walks.
Our vet here is awesome along with his entire staff and as Tracy said, the girls at the vet's office just eat him up (he gets bathed there weekly when Tracy is out of town so they see us often.)  We have Max signed up for pet insurance with Trupanion through the vet's office as well.  Our vet, Dr, Brooks thinks that Maximus will be about 75lbs!!!! I swear when I come home from work each hay he's grown!
I'm so grateful that I stumbled upon your page and I knew that as soon as I saw Max's adorable face on your website that he was meant to be our dog. :)

Jenn Hyder-Michaels



Thank you so much for our puppies, they are wonderful additions to our family.  Our son can't get enough of them.  The dogs are so good with young children.  We have owned bulldogs in the past, but the dogs we got from Titanium kennels have been the best.
Jeremiah and Tammy Hoopes


Spontaneous, playful, outgoing, and a people magnet (man or woman). Shelby has become a great family dog. She is all of the things we said before and more. She's very healthy, and fun to play with. She's definitely growing very fast, already 30 lbs, and only 4 months old!! So we expect her to be pretty big! We're training with her everyday to do fun tricks, and manner her better. She already knows how to sit, and she loves the treats she gets when she does! Her favorite thing to do is take her toys outside, even if we bring them in, she just takes them right back out. It's quiet funny. We have 12 fish, and she loves to watch them swim around and bark at them. She's just a wonderful, funny, outgoing puppy, and we're so happy we got to bring her home. Thanks so much Lisa & Bick!!! 
Eric & Jessica 







Hi Lisa!  Thought I would send some pics of Gladstone, he is getting so big and the kids love him! He is such a good dog and he is so good with the kids.  Cindy





Thank you very much! He is home and in his crate getting use to it now. Whined for about 12 min and sleeping now.  Tami





Hi Lisa

We love Pudge, he is an awesome pup. He has a perfect attitude for life,he will run and play with the kids or he will curl up on the love sack and just chill with us too. Everywhere we go he is the center of attention. Everyone wants to take him home and he is the new mascot for both our little league teams. I will get you some better pictures real soon.

Thanks again for our new best friend.  Wylee



It's been awhile since we've updated you on Jake, and since he's coming up on a year old, I thought I'd take a picture of him playing in the snow from the spring storm we got today. He is doing great! We still love every single day with him. Eric is extremely busy with college and coaching soccer this spring, so we get to have Jake a little more and we LOVE it. He is so full of personality and is extremely expressive, sometimes we forget he's a dog. As you can see from the second picture, he has figured out how to get his own ice from the fridge and helps himself quite often. He even gets ice for our little weiner dog!  Deb

(Below - 6 months later)



He weighs somewhere between 85 and 95. He can’t help but be muscular, he and Eric play soccer, softball, football or just play in park nearly everyday. He usually goes to bed at night a very tired but happy boy.

We have enjoyed looking at all of your puppies on line. So glad they all sell so quickly or we might be tempted!! 

Hope you are enjoying your summer!





Hi Lisa, 
    Well I figured I would give it a couple weeks before I wrote, so that I had some time to spend with him. So, here goes..
   He's truly the most interesting and smarter than any dog I've encountered. You can almost read him like a human personality. He loves to play with the kids around here and he's been good with other dogs around his same size. Which he will outgrow really soon. Since he's been here he's put on 5 lbs. And you can see the distinctive features of his breed come forth .. I would frown at those assuming he was a pitbull but I was amazed at just how many recognized him as a bulldog without asking. 
I know I had said that we were naming him dash, however after careful consideration we found KABOOM a suitable name. Because of the reaction he gets is much like a bomb went off and the mess he leaves behind. Lol.  John







Hi Lisa,

I'm so so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! We have been in a whirlwind getting adjusted to life with Flex. Everything is going great, I don't even know where to start!

We took him to the vet for an exam on the 26th. He is perfect and the vet was very impressed. At that time, he was 17 pounds. He goes again on the 14th, I will let you know how much he has gained. He has to be about 20 by now!

Our daughter still loves him, although his biting does make her mad. Lol. He has cut down on biting us, but still going strong biting everything else. Lol. He has gone through numerous toys, because once he rips it, we take it away cause of the stuffing. He is still on the same food, he has slowed down eating, I don't know if he's bored with the taste or if that's normal at this age. Should we mix in some chicken & rice wet food? We are making some progress on the potty training - he only has a couple house accidents a week. Our grass is growing in our backyard and he loves it! He has learned to walk nicely on a leash as well. We start obedience training tomorrow too. I've attached some pictures of flex. He is quite the character sometimes! Also, we have mixed emotions on neutering him. I know it calms them down but we were thinking about making him a stud. It might be too soon to tell but just a thought.

Talk to you soon!  Ashley


Update on Flex:

Flex (jack jack) is almost a year old! Can't believe time has passed by so fast! We just wanted to say thank you for all the times you've answered questions for us & given us advice for our little puppy. He's such a big boy now, a solid 80 pounds & you can see both his parents in him. We love that he came to us potty trained & he has actually just successfully completed an AKC good citizen training class as well! We tell everyone about you & recommend you all the time. We get so many compliments on flex! We are still so impressed with titanium, we are looking at getting another puppy, and wouldn't go with any other breeder! Looking forward to seeing the new puppies! We need a girl now! We'll be in touch soon!

Ashley & Joseph Cittadini




They have settled in nicely, I was very impressed they know how to use the doggie door so they are in and out steady.  I am very, very happy with both girls and I am keeping theirs names the same.  Kiara you can tell is an Olde but Mirage looks more English, I am curious what she will look like full grown.

Thanks again and I will keep in touch.





It's been a while since I sent you some pics, and I thought you might like an update. All is well with my crazy dog. She is about 40 lbs, and we walk her a minimum of 1 mile per day. The farthest she has gone is about 5 miles, and that is just because I got tired. She probably could have gone about 5 more. She is EXTREMELY active! Health wise she is doing very well. We have discovered she is allergic to bees, but nothing a shot of benadryl can't fix. :-)  Regina





Dear Lisa & Bick,
I couldn't thank you guys enough for creating such a perfect bulldogge! We are just so in love with Barkley and his outstanding personality. He is a definite momma's boy and never leaves my side since the day we picked him up it was an instant connection. I would recommend this breed to everyone and I would especially recommend getting a bulldogge from you guys. You guys are so AWESOME! Your bulldogges are just perfect and Barkley is a great proof of that. He is loyal, smart, LOVES kids, dogs, he just loves everything possible, its been a great experience socializing him. He has been growing into a great protector also, he is very aware of his surrounds and at night time he is making sure he makes sure to get a good look at everyone who walks by us. Barkley has been by far one of the smartest dogs we ever had, its incredible. It only took a month to potty train him and it took me exactly 5 minutes on the dot to train him to sit, lay down, shake, high-five, and play dead. (We were in shock) He is such a fast learner and puts a lot of effort into what we are saying. He acts just like a two year old sometimes as well which always makes us laugh, he will sigh when he's bored or gets mad at us if we tell him no he gets this look on his face thats priceless. He has the best eye contact I have ever seen a dog give which is a great sign of intelligence. Thank you so much for giving us a wonder exprience dealing with you guys and thanks again the dog we could ever ask for!
Chyna Christensen

Update on Barkley:

Barkley as you know is 7 months old now and he currently weighs 72lbs. He is such a beast I cant imagine how huge is he is going to be when he's full grown. He now knows how to army crawl around the house, how to wait with a treat on his nose, roll over, give hugs and to say sorry. I've also decided that we are going to train him to become a certified service dog to volunteer at hospitals and visit sick people and hopefully make there day a little brighter. Barkley is always the center of attention and I can't tell you how many people come up to me daily telling me that he just made there day. Thank you sooooo much!! Chyna









She’s doing great!  We drove to NY for the holidays and she just passes out in the car – she didn’t have a single accident!  We’re still working on housetraining her, though, but I understand it’s a process.  She got to play with a bunch of other dogs today and yesterday and other people – we’re doing our best to keep her socialized with people and animals and she really does great with them.  She LOVES other dogs and loves chasing them and she is pretty pooped from chasing two bigger dogs all day today.  She’s the cutest when she runs because she doesn’t really run, she bounces around.  It’s adorable.  And she has learned to go up/down stairs really quickly, I can only assume that she was doing it before she came to us.  She really does enjoy snuggling, but we’re doing our best to keep her running around during the day so she stays active and healthy.  She absolutely hates the crate, though.  If she wasn’t chewing absolutely everything in sight, I would reconsider crate training her.  For now, my fiancé is home with her while he studies for the bar exam, so she doesn’t go in it for very long (only when we go out without her).  Hopefully she’ll get used to it with some time because I don’t want her to cry every time we put her in there.  (Picture at approx 3 months old)

Update (picture at approx 6 months old):


Hey Lisa!  How are you doing?  Just wanted to send you an update on Bowie.  Not sure where I left off last – but she was spayed and is doing well.  The fur has grown back in and you can barely see any scar on her belly.  She’s about 50lbs now.  She was 42 when we took her in to get spayed and that was a few weeks ago already.  Her favorite treat is ice.  She passes out after a day at doggy daycare.  The ride home is only 5 minutes, but she can’t stay awake!  It’s so cute.  We took her to Myrtle Beach and she walks in the park that is right by the river by our house.  Hope you enjoy!




Jaxon is doing great. He was fully potty trained weeks ago & eating like champ. He's getting big fast. He use to be able to run underneath our Olde English and now he's half her size. We were wondering if you had any pictures of his parents so we could get an idea of what he might look like full grown. We love him so much and are so glad we found you guys. He is s very special part of our family. Hope  you enjoy the pictures.

Vicky Skinner

















































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