For the deposit, we accept cash, PayPal (preferred method), money orders, or check payments.  If you pay by check or money order, we can NOT put a hold on your puppy until the check clears.  This can take up to 2 weeks.  The contract must be signed and returned at this time.

Final Payment - this payment is expected no later than 6 weeks of age (see contract) or full payment after that age.  For the final payment, we accept cash, PayPal (preferred method), or wired funds.  Puppy will not be released until full payment is received and funds have cleared.


PayPal accepts payments from everyone even if you do not have an account with them. Credit cards are acceptable means of sending your payment and/or deposit for your new puppy or adult dog via PayPal.  

To send a payment to us click the PayPal button below.



At Titanium Blue Bulldogges, the buyer is responsible for the shipping fees.  This way we can keep the total cost of the dogs lower and more fair to everyone.  If we had to figure in the average cost of shipping into each animal, the cost would be higher for everyone, not just those who need the dog shipped to them.


#1 - You are welcome to come pick up your dog at our home.

#2 - I can take your animal to cargo areas at the Salt Lake International airport.  You will need to arrange everything with the airport prior to my arrival and give me your confirmation number.  FYI - most airlines will no longer transfer flat-faced breeds (which they include the Olde English Bulldogge in this category) in their cargo holds.  I believe United and Continental airlines still do, but you will have to verify that information.

#3 - You can arrange ground transportation

#4 - This is my preferred method of Delivery, however, it is only available for puppies 8 weeks to 11 weeks as they get too heavy as they get older than that. We have individuals who will fly on a commercial plane, take the puppy in the cabin with them, meet you at the closest major airport to your location, and hand you your new puppy!

  This is great news for the puppies and for our peace of mind as it is a lot less stressful for the puppy this way.  The entire fee for this service is $350, if you live in the western half of the U.S. or $400 if you live in the eastern half or the U.S.  This fee includes the required vet reports to travel, all airline costs, plus the individuals time.  The payment will have to be received BEFORE we can make arrangements to ship this way.  Also, keep in mind that they fly stand-by, so they will normally do the flying at off-peak times, i.e. late night, early morning, weekend.  If you are getting a puppy and can't pick it up from our home, we prefer this method of delivery, as all of the worry about shipping the puppy is gone as someone is always with them, one on one, looking out for their well being and care.   



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