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This page is here to help you with your questions in regard to our puppies.  I hope that it helps as I tried to include all the questions that I have ever been asked!  It is always going to be a work in progress, so please check back often.  

You are also welcome to contact me (Lisa) anytime at 801-628-8900 or e-mail me at  I would be happy to speak to you about our amazing  dogs and their puppies!

~ How long are Bulldogs pregnant for?
The gestation period for all dogs is approximately 63 days after they have been bred.  The puppies will be old enough for their new home approximately 8 weeks after they are born.  One word of caution:  breeding a female Bulldog and obtaining puppies is not always a given.  In this breed, it seems that females only get pregnant about 80% of the time.
~ How do I reserve a puppy from an Upcoming Litter?
If you are interested in getting a puppy from any of our upcoming pairings (not existing puppies), you can get on our reservation list for a fully refundable deposit of $200.  If the female does not take, if there is not a pup that meets your specifications, or if none of the pups are within your desired price range, this deposit is fully refundable at any time or the deposit can be transferred to any future litter of any of our females. After the puppies are born, the selection process takes place when they are 3 weeks old.  The  order of selection is based on when your deposit was received.  Once your selection is made, this $200 deposit will be applied to the full $500 total deposit required to hold your pup.  The additional $300 deposit must be made with 48 hours of your selection.  After your selection is made, all deposits become non-refundable as we will be turning away other potential buyers due to your choice of puppy.  This deposit does not apply to existing litters, only to puppies that have not yet been born.  See the deposit question below for current/existing puppies. 
~ How much is the deposit on an existing puppy?
The deposit on an existing puppy is $500.  This deposit is applied to the purchase price.  Once the entire $500 deposit is made, it becomes non-refundable.  The signed contract must be sent to me at the time of deposit.  The easiest way to make the deposit is through PayPal (click here for link), but we also accept cash or cashier checks.  If you pay by cashiers check, we can not put a hold on your puppy until the funds clear.  This can take up to 2 weeks.   
~When do I need to make the full payment for my puppy?
Full Payment is due between 6 to 7 weeks of age (not over 7 weeks).  This allows me to schedule the shipping and get everything ready for your puppy to go to it's new home at around 8 weeks of age.
~ How much do you normally charge for a puppy?  
The price of our puppies are not set until we see them.  They are each individually priced based on their color, body structure, and their parents.  Generally, our prices range from $1,500 (non blue puppy) to $3,500+ (blue tri puppy) and everywhere in-between.  All of our puppies come with full breeding rights and they are all generational IOEBA registered bulldogges.  
~ If I don't live by you, how will I get my puppy?  
It is not always convenient to take time away from work or family to make a long trip to pick up a puppy and then drive back home. For this reason, we have a couple of very responsible carriers (Puppy Nannies as we call them) who will fly your puppy as  a carry-on and deliver him or her to you in person at your nearest major airport. This is the least stressful means of transporting your puppy (if you do not live within reasonable driving distance) because it takes the least amount of time, they are constantly in the care of one of our puppy nannies, and they get to ride in luxury in a temperature controlled cabin with all the other passengers. Our puppies can be flown with our carriers any time of the year (they must be at least 8 weeks of age). The cost for this service is $400, depending on your location.  
We can ship to Canada, but the fees are different.  Please inquire if you are interested.
We also will travel to meet you in Las Vegas NV, Idaho Falls ID, or Salt Lake City UT.
~ Do you have a Sales Contract and a Health Guarantee?  Also, what papers come with your puppies?
Yes - we will provide you with a written Sales Contract, which includes, among other things, a Health Guarantee.  It is located on our "For Sale" page under "Contract".  You can also click HERE to view the contract.  We want to insure that there are no misunderstandings between us on this very important transaction.  You are paying a lot of money for your Bully and you deserve to know exactly what you are getting for your money.  This Sales Contract contains the Health Guarantee that we offer along with other pertinent details such as names, addresses, and contact numbers of sellers and buyer(s); sales price and birth date; signatures and dates; etc.
Our goal is to have a completely transparent transaction so there are no surprises for either of us.  We know that we will only be successful long term if you, and all of our other clients, are completely satisfied and believe that you have been dealt with fairly and honestly.  You will get what you have paid for and we will guarantee it in black and white.  
When you pick up your puppy you will receive a packet with all of his / her paperwork. If we do not meet you personally, it will be mailed to you OR sent with the person delivering your puppy to you.  Inside the packet you will find a copy of your signed Sales Contract & Health Guarantee, your puppy’s immunization record, IOEBA paperwork, & information on your puppy’s current schedule. (Some of these items could be e-mailed to you prior to delivery)
~ At what age can my puppy leave your home?
A normal size, healthy & thriving Bulldog puppy can be transferred to you when he or she is as young as 7 weeks of age, if you will be picking up your puppy by car.   At this age they will have already had their first set of immunizations. 
If we will be sending your little bully puppy with a Puppy Nanny, he or she will need to be 8 weeks old, due to airline regulations.  There are also restrictions on shipping Bulldog puppies as cargo.  They will not ship them once the temperatures are consistently above 75 degrees (i.e., the summer months). They will however, allow them to be carried on the plane as carry-on all year. We are very fortunate to have a couple of wonderful carriers who will fly our puppies to their new owners as carry-on and hand deliver them to you at your nearest major airport for a fee that is pretty comparable to cargo prices.
~ Why are Bulldogs so expensive?
Simply said, it is a matter of supply and demand.   There are a lot of people, like you, who love Olde English Bulldogges and want a good representative of the breed.  There just aren’t that many high quality puppies available, especially the blue Bulldogs that we specialize in.
There are a lot of reasons for this.  For instance, new-born puppies take a great deal of hands-on care and attention.  Their moms are very attentive and good moms, but there is a high probability that the mom will inadvertently rollover on one of her babies and smother it accidently.  We couldn’t bear to see this happen, so we are up with them constantly.
When things like the above are taken into consideration, along with the normal vet bills, medicines, food, toys, play areas, shelters, and attention that must be devoted to these dogs, breeding Bulldogs gets to be an expensive and time consuming proposition.
Even with these wonderful dogs selling in the thousands of dollars, a reputable breeder will do well to break even, and we are reputable breeders.  There are puppy mills out there that may sell you a dog a little cheaper (unfortunately, even many pet shops buy their dogs from puppy mills where the dogs are repeatedly bred, poorly socialized if at all, and rarely see the outside of a cage). As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for…
Assuming good conformation and temperament and including IOEBA registration, full breeding rights and a 1 year health guarantee, we generally sell our standard color puppies for $1,500 to $2,000 (brindles, fawns, red fawns, and sables) – our blue-fawns & red dilute puppies are generally priced in the $2,000 to $2,500 range – our blue brindle puppies are generally priced in the $2,500 to $3,000 range - solid blue or blue & white puppies (with no brindling), black tri puppies, & solid blue trindle puppies (blue puppies with a tan brindle where the tri markings belong) are generally priced in the $2,800 to $3,500 range – and our solid blue tri puppies are generally priced in the $3,500 to $4,000 range.  The prices can increase or decrease due to the extreme rarity of a puppy’s color and the structure and conformation of both the parents and the puppy.   Our main concern is to place all of our pups with kind pet lovers who will provide them with a wonderful home and life & bring joy and happiness into others lives with this great breed!

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